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General Information

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Quality system certification

Is Your Company"s Quality Management System Certified?

If your company"s quality management system is certified, please provide a copy of your certificate(s) and submit the survey to our ISO/AS Compliance Manager using the submit button below.

Quality System

Do you have a Quality Manual?
Are written procedures available to employees describing how tasks are to be performed?

Quality Records

Are there procedures for the identification, collection, filing, maintenance and disposition of quality related records?

Contract Review

Does your company have established procedures for the review of purchase orders and contracts?


Is purchased product inspected to ensure it conforms to the specified requirements?

Process Control

Are the process and product characteristics monitored during manufacturing?
Does your company use an industry or other internal written standard for workmanship criteria?

Handling, Storage, Packaging, and Delivery

Do you have a written procedure for the proper handling, storage, packaging, and delivery of product?

Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement

Does your company actively monitor customer satisfaction?

In-process Inspection and Testing

Are there documented instructions for inspecting and testing products?
Are nonconforming products identified and sorted in designated areas?

Final Inspection and Testing

Are there procedures which verify that all final inspections and tests have been carried out?

Inspection and Test Records

Are documents for verification of inspection and testing maintained and saved?
Does your company provide AS9102 or equivalent First Article Inspection Reports?

Control of Non-Conforming Product

Is there a documented procedure for identifying and separating rejected material to prevent inadvertent use and/or delivery of non-conforming product?

Hardware and Fabricated Parts Certification and Traceability

Does your company obtain certifications for plating, chemical conversion, painting, tec. for material traceability?
Are OEM certifications for traceability to the manufacturer obtained?
Do you perform validation of the 1st Piece against customer supplied drawings?
Is calibrated equipment used for measurement and final acceptance of all product?
Are RoHS compliant parts identified on the Certificate of Compliance?
Do you have a Counterfeit Part Prevention Program in place (reference AS5553)
Does your company maintain a Foreign Object Damage (FOD) program that meets NAS412?

By submitting this survey, the supplier hereby certifies and represents that the information provided is current, accurate, and complete. The contractor further certifies that it will notify M & L Precision Machining of any changes to the information provided. Please provide a copy of your ISO Registration Certificate(s), Quality Manual and Organization Chart below.

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